Die Zauberflöte

June 26 – July 22, 2024

Die Zauberflöte

Lyric Opera Studio Weimar is pleased to announce the return of its popular production of Die Zauberflöte. Mozart’s final work – a masterpiece of betrayal, compassion and instant love that explores man’s struggle to attain wisdom and virtue. Die Zauberflöte follows the journey of Tamino, a handsome prince, and Papageno, a lively bird catcher, in their search for love. Tamino falls in love with Pamina, the evil Queen’s daughter, who is imprisoned by Sarastro, the leader of the Temple. In order for Tamino to free his newfound love, Sarastro challenges Tamino and Papageno through a series of trials to prove their worthiness.



Tamino tenor
Die Königin der Nacht soprano
Papageno baritone
Pamina soprano
1. Dame / 1. Knabe soprano
2. Dame / 2. Knabe soprano or            mezzo soprano
3. Dame / 3. Knabe mezzo soprano
Papagena soprano
Sarastro bass
Sprecher bass-baritone
Monostatos tenor

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