Summer Session 1 – Die Fledermaus

June 24 – July 23, 2018

PRELIMINARY Application Deadline: January 31, 2018

FINAL Application Deadline: March 1, 2018

Lyric Opera Studio Weimar is delighted to announce our company première of Johann Strauss’ sparkling operetta, Die Fledermaus. 

On New Year’s Eve, Gabriel von Eisenstein is being forced to go to jail for punching a police officer, however decides to evade jail for one night so that he can go to Prince Orlofsky’s lavish party. Eisenstein wants to go with his friend Falke, so he tells his wife, Rosalinde, that he is heading off to jail. Meanwhile, Rosalinde knows that Eisenstein is lying, and follows him, in disguise as a Hungarian countess to the ball. Adele, their maid, also feigns an excuse to be released from work that night so that she can also go to the ball, disguised as a Russian actress named, Olga. After many mistaken identities, Eisenstein attempts to seduce his own wife without knowing. Much frivolity, and many festivities behind them, the great farce ends up with a happy ending for all.


Gabriel von Eisenstein      tenor / high baritone             Frank                    baritone
Rosalinde,                        soprano                                Prince Orlovsky     mezzo-soprano
Adele                               soprano                                 Dr. Blind               tenor
Ida                                   soprano                                 Ivan                     speaking role
Alfred                               tenor                                    Frosch                  speaking role
Dr. Falke                           baritone


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